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Kangen translates to 'return to origin'

Our bodies hold around 70% water. We are water. It exists in every cell of our body. Therefore it is SO important that the water we put inside our bodies is the cleanest and healthiest it can be.

Did you know that water holds memory? And that water crystals shape according to the energy of your words and actions? This effects your entire being and your health. Yes, that is science.

When lightning strikes water it energises the water for a little while. That is exactly what Kangen water machines is. And that is why people benefit from this water in so many ways, because it is naturally energised and also filters out all the bad stuff in our tap. This video tells you everything you need to know about this beautiful water. It has changed ours and so many other people's lives. 

This is actually medical grade water and have been used in hospitals in Japan for 30+ years. That is why if you own a machine you are actually certified to bring it on the plane while travelling.

We have experienced the never ending benefits of this water ourselves. Therefore we believe in it. It also brought this soul tribe together, so we hold great gratitude for it.

Right now global awareness about water is growing at a rapid rate and people want to drink as clean water as possible. Enagic is also growing at that same rate.

Therefore it is the perfect time to be part of this adventure.  

Krystal Fjortoft

Sarah Dawn Wilson

Anna Brochmann

Enagic and Kangen


Since 1974 Enagic commitment to high quality products, innovation and True Health philosophy has made it the leader of water ionizer generating systems, now distributed globally.

New offices continue to open worldwide as the company expands and reaches more and more people providing healthy, alkalise water and a way to improve their finances as well.

The machines are made in Japan and individually assembled by artisans and then inspected, tested, and certified by highly-trained QC engineers.

This unique business opportunity encompasses: Body, Mind, and Finances - the keys to a holistic, healthy, and joyful life. Thousands of people worldwide have experienced the wellness that this revolutionary product brings.

Their corporate philosophy is based on three true health principles:

1. Realizing true physical health through pure and healthy drinking water.

2. Realizing true financial health through a wealth-developing business opportunity.

3. Realizing true mental / metaphysical health through personal growth and finding contentment in all aspects of life.

"In our 93, combined years, of Sales, Sales Management and Sales Training, we have never seen a compensation plan more fair or more lucrative."

Paul & Bill Richards

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